For as little as an hour a week... you can make a lifetime change in a seniors life.

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1117 Main Street,

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Senior Cab Network is a private, nonprofit 501 (c) (3) corporation. We are dedicated to helping our aging community by providing affordable, safe and dependable transportation.

Imagine if you could no longer drive.  Your friends all work and your family live far away.  How would you get to the doctor or pharmacy or grocery store. For countless seniors and visually impaired adults this is an every day reality.  Senior Cab Network is alleviating that problem by utilizing and coordinating its corps of volunteer drivers.

FACT: Elderly persons, at all income levels, will become transportation dependent at some point in their lives.  They will outlive their driving abilities by 7-10 years.

Transportation = Independence.  Many seniors who don't drive miss important medical appointments, are unable to visit their loved ones in medical facilities, miss out on social/ religious events... and more.

Our volunteer drivers provide rides for seniors to medical/health-related facilities, grocery stores, religious services, barber/beauty shops, banks, activity centers, social events, support group, various errands... and more.  For some of our elderly neighbors those short trips are the only time they leave their home each week.

Mission Statement:

​Senior Cab Network's mission is to provide personalized, safe and affordable transportation to seniors at least 65 years old or visually impaired adults. 

It is community-based, supported and operated by volunteer drivers.


Senior Cab Network's purpose is to support the provision of supplemental transportation to seniors and visually impaired adults within the designated service area.


Aging in Place: Every senior should enjoy the full benefit of being connected to family, community, services and activities that add meaning and value to their lives.

​Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Volunteers deserve opportunities and choices that fit into their schedules and make meaningful contributions to "their" community.

Strengthens the sense of community: All communities benefit when individuals of all ages are able to remain an active and valued part of their community.