Frequently Asked Questions

What is Senior Cab Network?

Senior Cab Network is a private, non-profit corporation.  We are dedicated to helping our aging community by providing affordable, safe and dependable transportation. 

Who is eligible to use Senior Cab Network? 

Persons at least 65 years old or visually impaired adults.

What special reservation information is needed?

At the time you make your reservation, please inform the ride coordinator if you will be traveling with a companion or of any special need or assistance you require.

How soon do I need to reserve my seat? 

A minimum of 24 hours (but the sooner the better).

Is passenger assistance available?

A reasonable level of assistance will be provided to each passenger.

May I use my wheelchair, scooter or oxygen tanks? 

Walkers and portable oxygen tanks are permitted. Wheelchairs and electric scooters are not (currently) permitted.

Are Service Animals permitted? 

Service animals such as a seeing-eye dog or a hearing dog that assists a customer with a major life activity may be permitted on board, with permission from the driver.

May I travel with a companion? 

There will be an extra nominal charge if you travel with a companion (an adult 18 years or older).

Is service affected during inclement weather? 

Every effort is made to provide minimal service interruption for customers needing a life sustaining service such as dialysis.

Call for any additional questions or concerns!



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1117 Main Street,

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